Many of our customers order their beautiful bespoke jewellery, but they are concerned about what happens if they want to add to it, like when they have another child, for example. Luckily, that is not usually a problem. Making additions to your imprint jewellery can be quite straightforward. Our experience of working with silver over the years and the versatility of our designs means that your special keepsake is easily added to, which is good to know since we know how annoying it is for a piece to become obsolete once a new arrival comes along!

What jewellery can I add to?


These are a popular choice for men, and there are a few options available. Choosing a smaller charm size allows you to have a gorgeous keyring which can be added to later without it becoming too bulky.



These are trickier to add to, but one customer turned a pair of cufflinks with her first child’s prints on into a pair which represented both of her children by simply buying one extra cufflink. She got her second child’s prints on the new cufflink and was delighted to be able to present her husband with the wonderful keepsakes that included both of their children. A stroke of genius!


Our stunning barrel bead leather bracelet for men is my favourite item to add to. It’s comparable to Pandora’s bracelet for men and it’s easy to add beads as you go to make it extra special. Bracelets are generally one of the easiest items to add to. You have the option of attaching extra charms, changing the location of your existing charms, or adding an extra bead. They are a wonderful way to show off your little one’s prints without worrying about having to change your original purchase too much.

Necklaces are the most popular item we sell, so we just had to work out how to add to them too. You can either add a similar sized pendant to your necklace in the same or a slightly different shape than the original. Though a popular way to add to your necklace is to add a smaller sized pendant or charm. This will sit beautifully with your original pendant or charm and makes for a truly stunning necklace.

Find your perfect keepsake

We use various metalsmithing techniques to create a special bespoke piece of jewellery that captures all your children’s prints. Contact us to discuss your requirements and we will ensure we create the perfect keepsake to keep your little one’s prints close to your heart.