It’s no lie that there are a fair few other companies out there who make the same type of jewellery as myself. Taking those treasured fingers, hands, toes and paws and transforming them in to silver jewellery.

I’m sure they are all very good at what they do but I wanted to give you some reasons why you should choose me over anyone else to create those truly one of a kind pieces of jewellery for you.


1.  I’m a mum and a pet owner too

So I completely get it how much we adore our gorgeous babies and how they make our world complete. But I also understand how busy and hectic life has become since these little bundles of joy arrived in our lives. You don’t need any extra worries to add to the collection.

Whether it’s a gift or a special treat for yourself let me assure you the whole process from start to finish with Itsy Bitsy Imprints will be smooth sailing. From ordering your design, to taking the prints, to receiving your jewellery I promise I will make every step as easy as I can for you and spend however long it takes making you the absolutely perfect piece of jewellery.

2.  I only use the finest materials

I handcraft all my orders from sterling silver. This means that the silver in your piece contains at least 92.5% and 7.5% copper which is fired in a kiln of 2 hours. Many other companies use fine silver which is 99.9% silver and 0.01% copper. Now whilst it might sound great to have the extra silver in reality, the copper is needed to make your piece tough and stand the test of time. Fine silver pieces may look stunning when first created but they will not stay looking that way and any bump, knock or scratch will leave a lasting impression. If you want to ensure that your money is well spent when buying a piece of silver jewellery, sterling silver really is the best option!

3.  I won’t keep you waiting

From when I receive your prints to your finished jewellery being ready is two weeks. In keepsake jewellery terms, this is ridiculously quick as most companies have items ready in 28 days. The reason for this fast turnaround time is because I love making jewellery. Any excuse I can find I will be in my studio, beavering away. This isn’t a job for me, it’s a passion!

4.  I have OCD

Not the wall tapping or tins of beans all having to be facing east kind but being a ridiculous perfectionist (as well as being a collector too). This perfectionist trait means if I’m not happy with a piece or a print, it will not leave my studio, FACT! Unless I have been specifically asked to, I will not make piece which I feel do not have a clear print and I will work for as long as I need to and even remake a piece if I am not happy with the finished article. It drives my husband insane!

 5.  It’s just me

There’s no team at Itsy Bitsy Imprints, it’s just me. I do have the occasional helper but every email, appointment, item created, product design… that’s all me. By doing this I can really get to know you and know what you want, how you want your piece to look, what your style is and take the time you deserve to be spent on you and your piece!

6.  I LOVE what I do

This isn’t just a job for me. Making pieces for my wonderful customers from a material I love brings me so much joy and pleasure. Every order I receive makes me do a happy dance (literally) and seeing and hearing people’s reactions to receiving their jewellery makes me go all warm and fuzzy inside. I had one lady actually jumping for joy when she opened her pendant I created and it had me on cloud 9 for a week. I love when customers send me photos of them wearing my pieces or leave me reviews and I especially love it when I bump in to past customers at events or out and about and they are wearing an item I have made. It is the best feeling EVER.


So there you have it, a few reasons why buying from me is the best way to ensure that you receive an absolute perfect piece of jewellery which you can treasure for years and years to come!