Mum’s are the unsung heroes of our lives. They are the first we turn to for a hug, sounds advice or a good home cooked meal.


This Mother’s Day why not give the amazing lady in life a gift she can treasure forever, long after the flowers have wilted and the chocolates have been eaten.


Here are some of our customer’s favourite gifts for Mother’s Day plus an exclusive new product to our shop!


  • The descending fingerprint heart necklace

Ladies love the heart shaped charms and necklaces and this necklace has long been a bestseller. Beautiful to show off and perfect to add additional charms to in the future as your family expands. There’s no going wrong with this necklace!

  • Beads

Every time I do a show, so many ladies ohh and ahh over these gorgeous sterling silver beads. They allow you to add a completely personalised addition to your favourite charm bracelet and are compatible with most popular brands.

  • Overlapping circles necklace.

This is another firm favourite with the mum’s out there and similar to the style of necklace I wear myself so it’s a personal favourite too. It is so easy to wear and beautifully shows of both prints at the same time.

  • Pearl Bracelet

Even though pearls are set to be this season’s big trend I think they are a timeless classic. This bracelet is created using cultured fresh water pearls and the addition of a gorgeous personalised charm makes it the perfect gift.

  • Handwriting Necklace

Sometimes life is cruel and our mum’s can be taken from us too soon. One way to keep a piece of your mum close to capture some of her handwriting in to sterling silver. If you’re like me you are bound to have a box full of old cards and letters and any writing on these can bephotographed and used to create an everlasting memory you can cherish.

  • NEW – angel wing pendant.

For some mum’s, Mother’s Daycan be a heart breaking reminder of something they have lost. The introduction of the angel wing pendant was to honour these angels and give comfort to their amazing mum’s.

To be honest I could go on and on with ideas for you but you would be here all day reading it. As always if you have any question please don’t hesitate to contact me but visit our show, have a look around and I’m sure you will find the perfect gift to treat the mum in your life this Mother’s Day!