Let’s talk about engraving!


I know you have seen them, those wonderful Facebook adverts showing beautiful engraved handprint jewellery for a tiny fraction of the price of the traditional imprint jewellery.

It’s everywhere now a days and the prices are so tempting I can completely understand why so many people are choosing to have their precious prints transformed in this way.


However, and I am only going on personal experience from talking to many customers the reality is that these engraved pieces don’t tend to have the same life span as the standard imprint jewellery.


An engraved piece has the print literally scratched in to the surface of a factory made piece of silver. And in the cases I’ve seen it’s not a deep engraving like you would see on a dog’s tag but a very light scratching. No love, skill or real craftsmanship goes in to creating engraved pieces. When you compare this to the method used by many to make imprint jewellery where the piece is handcrafted from start to finish and stamped with an exact copy of your loved one’s print resulting in a deeper impression it is clear which one is going to still be visible many years later.

I have had customers coming to me with engraved beads literally falling off their bracelets with not even the slightest bit of print left or seen some so poorly made the engraving doesn’t look much like anything let alone your cherished prints.


Now this isn’t to say all engraved jewellery is bad, I’m sure there are some wonderful companies out there creating exquisite pieces which will stand the test of time, I’m just yet to see any.


I think in cases like this if the price is too good to be true, it usually is, so spend your hard earned money carefully and be aware your £20 keyring might look amazing in the beautifully photo-shopped adverts but reality can be very different and but I would love to see how those prints look 6 months down the line!