Caring for your jewellery

We lovingly handcraft each and every piece at Itsy Bitsy Imprints and every piece means as much to us as it does to you. We take great pride in creating unique gifts for you to cherish. We have spent many years researching and trialling different techniques to ensure you receive the most superior items of jewellery created using the finest tools and handmade just for you.


All of our pieces are created using sterling silver. As with all metals, silver naturally oxidises and will eventually turn black in colour. There are certain factors in our day to day lives which can seed up this process. These include hairspray, perfume, food (such as eggs and onions), soap, latex, the weather and natural oils from our skin. It is also possible for certain people’s skin to be more reactive to silver then others. This results in their pieces turning black more quickly. If this is the case, it is recommended to apply a barrier to your piece. We recommend the use of Renaissance Wax to coat your piece to prevent it being in direct contact with the skin.


Other factors can also affect your jewellery and we recommend removing your pieces prior to showering or swimming. This is especially important with our leather items which we do not recommend allowing to get wet as this will cause detrition from within. Extra care should also be taken when wearing your item as scratches and loss of detail may occur if continuously rubbed or knocked.


To help keep your beloved piece looking it’s best we include a free polishing cloth with all orders. Simply gently rub your piece with the cloth provided to restore the shine and remove any light tarnishing.


Our pieces will come with a sterling silver split ring attached to them. Whilst we find these more secure than traditional jump rings we do recommend you have your piece professional soldered by a jeweller. This usually costs approximately £5 and is the safest way to ensure your piece is securely attached.


As with all jewellery care should be taken with clasps and links to prevent breakages. Please carefully check your jewellery when you receive it and contact us within 7 days if you have any issues. Any pieces which are less then 3 months old which become damaged or break due to general wear or tear will be repaired or replaced free of charge. This does not cover the loss of a charm.