Our handprint and footprint necklaces capture actual hand and footprints and immortalise them in to sterling silver for you to treasure forever. All of our pieces are lovingly handcrafted from sterling silver and expertly finished. Our necklaces make a wonderful addition to any outfit and let you keep your precious people with you always.

We have made the print taken process so easy for you with our specially designed kit. It is a completely mess free process and takes seconds to do and every order placed receives a free kit included. To give you peace of mind we keep all prints on file, allowing you to order subsequent pieces without retaking the prints. We appreciate you may also have prints taken by hospitals or with paint and can use these too to create your piece. Simply photograph or scan these and email them over to us.

We are happy to match or creating complimenting pieces for any previous pieces you may own and welcome bespoke designs and ideas.

All of our pieces are completed within 14 days of receiving your prints however we applicate that time restraints may require you to need your piece sooner. Hence we also offer an express service if you require your piece sooner.

All of our handprint jewellery pieces are finished to the highest standard and delivered to you with next day delivery in our beautiful gift box along with a silver polishing cloth to ensure your piece is kept looking it’s best.

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