Gold plated Handprint or Footprint Necklace


Suitable for up to 2 prints

The Gold Plated Handprint or Footprint Necklace is a firm favourite with gold lovers. It beautifully captures your loved one’s own print which is handcrafted into sterling silver. A gorgeous plating of gold is added by one of London’s top gold platers which is guaranteed to last at least 3 years. It adds a truly elegant touch to our beautiful pieces.

Our mess free print kit make it so simple to capture those prints and is supplied completely free with your order. We are also able to use any existing print you may have or prints we have on file from a previous order.


Layout Options

One print: One print central on the piece with name or short message on the reverse

One print: One print to the left side of the piece with name on the front and short message on the reverse

Two prints: One print on the front with a name and one print on the reverse with a name


Pendant shape

Heart: 27mm

Curved Heart: 23mm x 33mm



Sterling silver

3 micron thick 24 karat gold plating


Chain options

Ball chain: 18 & 20 inches

Curb chain: 18 & 20 inches

Rope chain: 18 & 20 inches

Snake chain: 18 & 20 inches


Also included

Gift box

Gold polishing cloth

Care instruction card


Addition of birthstones

We are able to add birthstones to your pieces if you wish. We use high quality synthetic gemstones which are 3mm in size. There is a range of colours to choose from and most commonly these colours coordinate to either a month of birth or favourite colour.

Please note it is not possible to add a birthstone to our double sided pendant option.


Birthstone colours and months

January – dark red

February – purple

March – light blue

April – clear

May – green

June – lavender

July – dark pink

August – olive green

September – dark blue

October – pink

November – yellow

December – light blue


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