At Itsy Bitsy Imprints we pride ourselves in producing high quality, unique jewellery which is completely personal to you. As we are a completely independent company our creative scope and customer range knows no limits.

Untold amounts of care and attention are put in to each and every one of the pieces we create and we really listen to our customers and fulfil their wishes.

You, our customers are our priority and we pride ourselves in really listen to you and what you would like. If you can’t find a design you like we are more than happy to sketch out ideas until we come up with a keepsake which is perfect for you and can be treasured forever.

We have spent a lot of time perfecting our print taking procedures and instructions to make them as simple as possible for you so you can obtain the perfect prints. Each order placed will receive one of our kits free of charge.

To create our pieces, we use a medium called silver clay. This is silver suspended in a binder which can be moulded, shaped and engraved in any way we choose. It can be likened to very expensive playdoh!

For our handprint and footprint pieces we miniaturise your print down and create a stamp of the print. This stamp can be made any size required and is then stamped in to the silver to create your piece.

Fingerprints are captured in silver using a harden putty mould. These are wonderful as they come out as a real size print so the fingerprint taken from a one year old will be much smaller in size then that taken from an older child.

We spend hours meticulous sanding and refining each piece before firing it in a kiln. This burns away the clay part and leaves a pure silver piece.

Once your piece has finished firing it will be white in colour rather than the shiny silver we all know and expect. To bring out the gorgeous shine of your piece we go through multiple polishing stages to produce the beautiful finish you see in our pieces.

We absolutely adore creating these pieces and working with such a wonderful and creative medium. The love, care and attention that goes in to each piece resonates and we know you will love your piece as much as we love creating it!