Classic Fingerprints

Our fingerprint jewellery collection allows you to carry the most unique feature of your loved ones with you, even when you can’t be close. Our designs are tailored to suit a wide range of tastes and styles and each piece is lovingly handcrafted from sterling silver in our South Oxfordshire studio.

Taking the required fingerprints couldn’t be simpler with our specially designed print taking kit, which is included free of charge with any of our pieces. All prints are kept on file and can be reused for subsequent orders. We are also able to match or complement pre-existing pieces you may have and we welcome bespoke designs and ideas.

All of our orders are dispatched within 7-14 days* and an express service is also available if you require your piece sooner.

Your piece will be expertly finished and delivered to you in our beautiful gift box with a silver polishing cloth so you can keep your treasured piece looking its best for years to come.

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