One of the most common things I hear when I am at events or meeting people is “babies don’t have fingerprints!”. WRONG!


Fingerprints our one of our bodies amazing unique identifiers. We have loads in fact from our eye colour to the folds in our ears. However, fingerprints are the ones that are the most popular and easiest to capture.


Fingerprints develop whilst you are still growing inside the womb and as well as DNA, environmental factors in the amniotic fluid can alter their development. That’s why identical twins do not have the same fingerprints.


When you are born you have a full set of fingerprints on both your fingers and toes. However they are very shallow! This is where my job of taking those precious prints can be tricky. Of course there are always exceptions to this and on a few occasions I have taken prints from 5 week old babies and their fingerprints have been crystal clear.


To have the best print possible on your jewellery I will always suggest that fingerprints be taken in those over the age of one. This gives the fingerprint chance to further develop and deepen and also the child’s finger will be larger.


As always I am willing to try my upmost if fingerprints are what your heart desires but no promises can be made.


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